The Trip From Gor, to the Edge of Atmosphere


Having spent some time in Gor, I took a mental trip back to earth and somehow ended up just on the edge of the atmosphere.  Snatching up a pair of sexy “Lulluby For Venus Metallica Pumps” from Skifija and having my hair newly styled with (RED) Mint’s versatile (mesh) Hair #10, I simply grabbed a little red dress from Rebel Hope, cuffs and a hat for my journey.  The new hair from (RED) Mint comes in multiple color options, including colored tips, and as a bonus, has thirteen different hair pearls – perfect for mixing and matching.   All I can tell you is that when it comes to (RED) Mint hair, Rebel Hope and Skifija‘s shoes, resistance is futile!  So, as it turns out, the outskirts of earth is actually a place in-world called Metamorphosis.  I took a few shots of this fun and interesting sim for your viewing pleasure.  I’ll see you all soon with more of the hottest new designs from all around the grid!

MPrani2 ranipic3

Hair – (RED) Mint – (Mesh) Hair #10

Hair Beads (RED) Mint – (add on extra) Hair #10

Pumps – Skifija – Lulluby for Venus Metallica Pumps

Dress – Rebel Hope – Heidi

Hat – Collabor88 – Follow Rivers (GA)

Cuffs – *G Field* – Fur Cuffs

Poses – Slouch & Magnifique

Sim – Metamorphosis

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