For F’s Sake’s – Girl of the Month for March 2013

Today we have a guest photographer.  Her name is gisselle555,and she is the co-owner of the roleplay clothing store called “For F’s Sake’.  I was out exploring when I received the notice that there was a contest at the store.  Being that I am an avid shopper, I checked my inventory and happily found that I owned several outfits. I then added a few together,  purchased a few more items, then took a snapshot, and submitted it.  I did not think I would win and was totally shocked to find out I was selected.  Part of the winnings are this photo that I present below. Thank you for choosing me and for the great photo!

Rhianna _FFS_ GOTM March 2013

Photographer: gisselle555

Outfit – FFS – Indi Camisk – Aqua

Hat – Glam Affair

Jewels – FFS & Zaara

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