Cool.. Breezy.. Day, With On A Lark!


Enjoy a cool and breezy day with On A Lark while wearing their latest design called “Shrouded”.  This gorgeous design comes with features that allow it to be worn by both free women and slaves.  Such include the mesh tube scarf for your head, a mesh skirt and top, a blouse, belt, and modesty shirt. Shrouded comes in 9 colors with the berry color showcased today.  Arriving at Reach Isles, I took advantage of the time to get a few shots of this stunning design for your enjoyment.  Be sure to see it for yourself and hurry as On A Lark is offering an amazing 25l introductory price!  As always, I thank you for stopping by, and wish you all good friends and <3.



Scarf/Mesh Skirt/Top/BlousBbelt/Sleeve options/Modesty shirt – On A Lark – Shrouded

Face Veil – On A Lark – Mysterious Veil

Hair – Boon – JOPE57

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Reach Isles

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