Skifija Delivers Fury With Deaconess!


I am excited to present the latest release from Skifija’s shoe collection entitled Deaconess!  The neat thing about Skifija is that all of their shoes fit either their tip toe or flat mesh feet.  You only have to adjust the colors on your mesh feet once.  From there you can put on any shoes you want, and not have to worry about your skin tone. The latest release from Skifija is furious and sexy!  I had a lot of fun putting together this look using pieces from Cellar Door, Hiatus, Pixel Puss, and hair styled by booN.  All dressed I found myself at a place called the Casmu Red Savage, Band of Kaiila.  They make sure you know what you are getting yourself into as they state up front and boldly, “Brutal Gorean RP.”  They were kind enough after some interrogation to let me in to have a look around (escorted of course) and I managed to also get in a few photos of the new Skifja release, “Deaconess”, that I do hope you enjoy!  Thank you Skifija and thank you Red Savages. I am glad you all stopped by to visit and until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.




Shoes/ankle band – Skifija – Deaconess

Feet – Skifija – Mesh Tip Toe Feet

Arm Warm/Necklace – Cellar Door – The Seer

Top/Skirt/Thigh bones – Pixel Puss – Savage Flair

Tattoos – Hiatus

Hair – booN – MAU486

Poses – Applespice

Sim – The Casmu Red Savage

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