Guest Model, Belinda Longmeadow – FFS!


Today we have a guest model, Belinda Longmeadow showcasing one of the most recent releases by FFS called, “Bonnie” in green. This is one of the first time you see an actual bow with a free woman outfit on the blog, as she is an actual free woman.  Accenting the dress, in addition to her bow, is her green bag, blades from Primus Weapons, as well as hair from Wasabi Pills.   Coming up next are new releases from OrisniSun, Roawenwood and Velvet Whip!  Look out for them coming over the next few days.  Thank you Belinda for being my guest model.   Until next time I wish you all smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.

Dress – *FFS* – Bonnie Green

Green Bag – Primus Weapons – Healer Pack

Scimitars – Primus Weapons – Primus Dual Kilij Scimitars

Bow – Primus Weapons – Primus Island Wench Bow

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Ivette

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – DAD Design

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