The Roman Toga Girl – Velvet Whip


“Velvet Whip – Fantasy & Gorean Clothing” has released a new design for their Roman collection called ‘The Toga Girl.’ You can collect all four colors which include, sand, sack, linen, a bonus color for the spring called rainbow.  The toga outfit includes these cute sandals, two belts, upper arms bans, bracelets, an optional toga knot with or without the broach and an earthenware pitcher with the pose included.  This versatile outfit could be worn on a Greek sim, in Gor, as well as in many other role-play scenarios.  Complementing the look is HUSH Skin’s spring confetti release and Lelutka Hair.  All dressed I found myself at a land called Mythopoeia. This sim is a mixture of very well detailed fantasy worlds of which include but are not limited to Roman, medieval,  fairy, gypsy, and antique styles. It is definitely a place to visit while you are out on your own or even for a date.  As always, I thank you all for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.


Mesh Toga/Toga knot w broach/Sandals/Arm bands/Belt/Earthenware pitcher – Velvet Whip – Fantasy & Gorean Clothing – The Toga Girl

Skin – HUSH Skins – Caramel Confetti

Mesh Hair – Lelutka – Vibrato

Poses – Manifeste & Velvet Whip

Sim – Mythopoeia

Returned Karma’s New – Pani Camisk ♦


Returned Karma is back and busy as ever!  They have announced participation in the “Gorean Grid Wide Hunt”  that runs from April 6th until April 14th.  The theme for this month is Pani.  The items cost 2l’s each and the hunt will begin at the Returned Karma location.   Each hunter will look for a fan to locate their clues.  Returned Karma’s contribution to this fun event is a very revealing and sexy design called “The Failed Contract Camisk.”  Accenting this pani styled camisk is a new hair release from [ity] China called Guan Yin, that includes the lovely flower decorations.  There is also an [ity] China Umbrella, and the new spring skin from Hush.  Returned Karma went on to explain in their release,”for those who don’t know, the Pani is an Asian inspired people from John Norman’s Gorean books.”  The setting found to display the new look was AMM Design’s, Azuchi sim.  If it looks familiar it is because I have been there before.  Since then it has somehow become even more beautiful and I was fortunate enough to meet the owner who gave me a tour. There was so much left to see. I will go to back and when you can, do the same. It really is that pretty. I hope you enjoy the designs and be sure to join the hunt. I know I will, as I like a challenge.  Thanks for stopping by, and until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Camisk – Returned Karma – Broken Contract Camisk

Hair – [ity] China – Guan Yin

Umbrella – [ity] China – Parasol Umbrella

Skin – HUSH Skins – Confetti

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Poses – Theatre Chain Shop

Sim – Azuchi

Lost In Thought – Cellar Door


Today I present you the sister dress to Cellars Door’s latest release called, ‘Scarlett’.  This design has a more colorful and playful appeal and could easily be worn in the north, were free women are able to show a bit more cleavage. In addition, it also has the optional hood, and jewels, shown in the sister version.  I combined her design with Blackliquid lip gloss, Lelutka hair, and Primus Weapons.  The result was a more care-free and easy going style, which matched my mood perfectly as I spent the day reflecting, and relaxing a bit.  A few teleports later, I landed in Incantre, a medieval role play sim.  It is very pretty with a lot of nice areas to lounge and relax.  As I explored the landscape, I stopped to occasionally take a few snapshots of the very rich and beautifully textured mesh design, ‘Scarlett’, to share with you.  As always, I Thank you for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Mesh Skirt/Corset/Shirt – Cellar Door – Scarlett

Hair – Lelutka – Aphrodite

Walking Stick/Pack – Primus Weapons

Poses – Slouch

Gloss – Blackliquid

Sim – Incantre

Kajira In ‘Bloom’ – On A Lark


On A Lark has a knack for bursts of beauty in their creations and this outfits shows this off as well.  The camisk is low cut with a sexy dip upward in the front which gives it uniqueness.  As well the bursts of color giving off the reflection of spring are found in the headpiece as well as the flowers on the belt. The mesh design tugs and pulls to the corner of the hips, accenting curves and teasing in an innocent manner.  With HUSH Skins Spring release skin confetti, and Primus weapons survival pack and flower basket, it was now time to explore.   The road took me to a land called the  ‘Mittandraland Mermaid Haven.’  As you can imagine, there was an entire under water world to explore, fit for mermaids. After a lot of running around, I finally settled and got in a few photographs for you.  Thank you for stopping in to visit and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Camisk/Belt/Flowery Head Ban – On A Lark – Bloom

Hair – Lelutka – Jolie

Survival Pack/Basket – Primus Weapons

Skin – HUSH Skins – Confetti

Poses – Slouch

Sim – Mittandraland Mermaid Haven

The Sorceress – Cellar Door


‘Cellar Door’ has just released a beautifully detailed mesh design that brings to mind a sorceress, although with various accessories it could just as easily be a free woman gown, for vampires, or fit in many other styles of roleplay.  One of her two latest, called Wren, also comes with a hood, corset, skirt, head jewel, necklace removable mesh sleeves    The back dips in a sexy manner to show off the shoulders and together the design screams, empowerment.  All dressed I found myself at the land of  ‘Athan Selidor – The Fallen Gods’, which covers four full sims.   The landscaping and ships in the background seemed to be a perfect backdrop.  After some exploring, I took a few shots for you that I hope you enjoy. As always, thank you for stopping by. I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Hood/Skirt/Headband/Necklace/Sleeves/Corset – Cellar Door Urban and Roleplay Fashions – Wren

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Athan Selidor

‘Ruff’ For the Spring


The great news for today is that On A Lark has released her next two designs!  Even better is that for a temporary time they have been reduced to just 25 lindens…insane I know!  So hurry before it goes back to the normal price.  The first of her newest creations is called ‘Ruff’, although they could have also called it sexy.  The texture is very rich and detailed and it comes with a flower crown and belt, boots, skirt, top, and with a belt that has spring flower accents on the side.  Paired with my [Red]Mint Hair, HUSH skins spring release and my Priumus weapon, it was time to start exploring.  The next land for you to have a look at is called Runestone. It has a forest/fairy feel to it and as it is quiet, it’s perfect for a quiet date night.  As always, I thank you for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Skirt/Top/Flower Crown/Boots/Belt – On A Lark – Ruff

Hair/Pearls – [Red]Mint – No 10

Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Makeup – HUSH Skins – Confetti

Shovel/backpack of Plants – Primus Weapons – Slave Shovel

Poses – Di’s Opera & Slouch

Sime – Runestone

Taste Just Like Candy


HUSH skins has just released their new spring collection, Sugar Rush, and it is YUMMY!  Each has deliciously colored lips with nipples to match.  In addition their new skin includes lola and lush appliers. If that was not enough, there is even a special bonus package with hands and feet blenders.  They made it really easy.   I am currently wearing caramel skin with the confetti makeup option, but other colors include, cottoncandy, candyapple, and lolipop!  I suppose I am being a tease for only showing you confetti, but I am okay with being a tease.  It is sort of my specialty.  Emphasizing my tight nipples are On a Lark’s outfit, and Vita’s Boudoir flower hair.  All dressed up for a fun day, I found myself in a medieval town in Scotland.  Even with all my running about, I managed to get in a few photos for you.  I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.





Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Face and nipple Makeup – Hush Skins – Confetti

Skirt/Arm Bands/ Corset/ Leg Warmers/Scarf – On A Lark – Snug

Hair – Vita’s Boudoir – Flower Hair

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Dumfriesshire–Johnstone Clan Lands