Miss Hatili Ishtari of OrsiniSun & OrsiniRed!


Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to a pure and kind soul in the form of a person in world by the name of Hatili Ishtari!  I have had the pleasure of knowing her a few years and could not say enough great things about her. She is the brainchild behind the Fashion House OrsiniRed and my partner for the roleplay fashion sister brand OrsiniSun.  Please enjoy some of her photography, and a peek at some of the hottest and newest releases around.  The above design is from the OrsiniRed Collection and is a mesh dress called the Hindi Tear.

OrsiniSun SunSun Rhi& Me

Next up is a photo Hatili took of she and I, giving you a back and front view of a latest OrsiniSun mesh release called, “SunSun.” The design comes in giraffe, zebra, leo, cow, and panther.  (It’s yummy too!)


Next up is a photo she did of an OrsiniRed Collection release called “Mio” that duals as a rp outfit and can be worn by both kajiras and bonds, as well as a modern design.  It is packed with goodies and several tops and bottoms to mix and match. Smoking hot, you will find this design at OrsiniRed!

OrsiniSun Mesh Body Cold Dust

Finally is a shot Hatili took of us wearing the OrsiniSun Wild release!  You can find OrisniSun and OrsiniRed and several locations, or you can just hit up the mainstore.   For another look at her photography work, have a peek at her link:  http://mischievoussred.wordpress.com/.

Thank you all for stopping by and as always I wish you smexy whippings, Great friends and ♥.

OrsiniSun & OrsiniRed Mainstore

Photography by Miss Hatili Ishtari ❤

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