For The Boys! Perrin Avindar In Tiger Eye Designs


Today I’m posting something for the male slaves out there! Please meet our model Perrin Avindar, who is wearing Tiger Eye Designs.  Perrin is a kajirus I met at Maelstrom who has a unique and suave appeal.  The outfit as seen includes hair by Dura and eyes by Ikon.  I asked Perrin what his idea of a good role-play was and he responded, “Well, a good role play is a mutual paragraph oriented role play where there is a commensurate give in take.”  He says his character is influenced mostly by the book, “Fighting Slave of Gor” and the mantra that he lives by is “Everyone deserves a spot at the table as long as they aren’t a messy eater.”  Thank you Perin for joining us today representing for the boys, and thank you all for stopping by!  Until next time I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Model – Perrin Avindar

Outfit – Tiger Eye Designs – Kiopi

Eyes – Ikon – Lucid Aegean

Hair – Dura – Boy #27 Strawberry

Poses – Tuty

Sim – Maelstrom

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