Jarl n00bBow – Test Him?


Offering something for the Jarl’s, today I present Jarl n00bBow.   Most are not fooled by his name, though you may be.  If you are fighting, and he gets within your range, it’s usually too late to escape him.  Jarl is also the other half of the lovely Mistress Heaven, who was featured a few posts earlier.   His style is a mixture of several designers you will find listed below.  Thank you Jarl!  Thank you all for stopping by, and until next time I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.




Hair – Jumo – Etched Hair 18

Ears – Action – [MESH] Customizable Gauge Ears

Eyes – Dead Apples – Thunder Silver

Tattoo – Wicked Tattoos – Visions

Brand – Sun Graphics – Theif Brand

Paint – !XtraX! – Helios Tattoo / Warpaint

Boots/Pants/Shirt/Tunic – Snatched – Decent

Hood – PFC – The Alcolyte

Arms – Snatched – Vangaurd

Scarf – FATEwear – Harry – Tundra

Sash – Snatched – Buccaneer Brown

Bow – Vofhang Weapons – Vfx Impact

Sword – EZ Weaponry – Instigator Sword

Polearm – EZ Weaponry – Instigator Polearm

Shield – Ez Weaponry – Instigator Shield

Poses – Mannerism

Sim – The Kasbah of the Guard of the Dunes

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