OrsiniSun Presents “Sexy Little Bird”


The latest release by OrsiniSun “Little Bird” is a bundle of fun wrapped up in a variety of soothing and lovely colors.  This delightful mesh design includes the head band, shoulder pads, belt that comes with egg and mini basket, and the large wearable basket as seen. Available in pink, marine, lila, brown, and blue, this sexy little number is just waiting for you!  Thank you all for stopping by today. Until next time I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.

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Sexy Little Bird – OrisiniSun – Limo to location here – HERE

Beautiful KahliDesigns & New Skin & The Fantasy Gacha & More!


Lots of new releases to be seen today. KahliDesigns takes it with a bang!  Their latest mesh release called ‘Woodcutter’ comes with a HUD that not only offers numerous clothing options, but also a clean, dirty, and bloody version.  It also comes with these cute mesh boots as seen and belt! This is perfect if you are in a raid and it gets down and dirty! Also seen is the new release from Ramya Skins called Shizuko! I’ll get you a close up in the next days but for now you get a sneak peek of this hot new release. If you cannot wait, head over to Ramya Skins located in the YASUM fashion center for a demo! The Eleventh Hour Mainstore’s special rare item from the Fantasy Gacha Fair called the rustic barrel shower can been seen in the background. Fully scripted and beautiful, this mesh show-piece is a must have.  The On A Lark butcher rack can also been seen and it is packed with poses and animations.  [RED]Mint Hair’s newest release is also seen here! Be sure to give them a visit. The Primus Weapons walking stick with backpack looks great and does damage when drawn. I do hope you enjoy all these awesome new releases! As always, I thank you all for stopping by and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.




Mesh Shirt/Pants/Belt/Boots – KahliDesigns – Woodcutters Outfit

Skin – Ramya Skins – Shizuko

Hair – [Red]Mint

Makeup/Bruises – Corvus

Bath – Eleventh Hour Mainstore – [Rare] Rustic Bath Barrel (Only available at the Fantasy Carnival)

Walking Stick/Backpack – Primus Weapons

Butchers Rack – On A Lark

Pipe – Smoking Pipe

Hat- Harms Way – Calvary Hat

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Gardar Village

The Gacha Carnival is Still On! It’s HawT!


The Gacha Carnival is Still On and it’s HawT!  So many gachas with gorgeous mesh make it a lot of fun! Gacha items featured in today’s post include the rare Forge Boadicea necklace, along with the ultra rare gold bracers, both from EZ Weaponry/[The Forge]. Also included and featured are the  rare Etchalvi horns from Aisling!  Today’s styling is accented by hair from Lamb, and the Rachel romper, designed by Zanze. With only a few days left, be sure to get out to the Gacha Carnival, join in the fun and take in the collectables while you still can!  Until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Necklace – EZ Weaponry/[The Forge] – Rare Boadicea necklace (Only at the Gacha Carnival!)

Arm Bans – EZ Weaponry/[The Forge] – Ultra rare gold bracers (Only at the Gacha Carnival!)

Head Piece –  Aisling – Rare Etchalvi horns (Only at the Gacha Carnival!)

Hair – Lamb – Ruby

Outift – Zanze – Rachel Romper

Poses – Di’s Opera

Your limo is here: (Gacha Carnival!)

Sexy Ancilla Tunic by Velvet Whip!


Velvet Whip rolls out their next release, a very sexy tunic. This thigh to cheek high skirt comes in that comes in violet, rust, beige, blue, and the fatpack version.  As well as the skirt the outfit includes a belt and arm band. Accenting todays look is hair from Lelutka, a skifija pedicure, and the knick knack water yoke.  The land pictured is the lovely land of Gardar. Be sure to visit Velvet Whip and see all the new releases for the servants and free! As always, I thank you all for stopping by and wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Tunic/Belt/Arm ban – Velvet Whip – Ancilla Tunic

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Water Yoke – KnickKnack

Hair – Lelutka – Pocahontas

Sim – Gardar

“I Got Army Guns” YASUM @ the Fantasy Gacha Carnival!


I am very excited to announce the wonderful mesh creator Yasum has joined the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, contributing this gorgeous mask. It comes in different colors, each beautiful, and there is a very rare mask which has a hud with all the colors!  Along with Yasum, today’s styling includes Liquence, EZ Weaponry, Razor, and Nemesis.  All dressed up I hit the Wastelands, a Post Apocalyptic sim for some urban time. The sim is not all set up yet, but I had fun regardless, and its open for RP!  Welcome to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival Yasum!  Thank you all for stopping by. Until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Mask – Yasum -*Face Armor* (Only found at the Gacha Fantasy Carnival)

Pants w/ Suspenders – Yasum – Dungies

Top – Yasum – Asian Strap

Skin – HUSH Skins – June

Braces – EZ Weaponry  –  Daerwen

Guns – Nemesis – G18C AP v2.5

Boots – Razor – Regulator Combat  Boots

Your limo to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival…HERE!


Fantasy Gacha Carnival2

OrsiniSun’s “Sweet Sacrifice” for Gacha Fantasy Carnival!


I have the pleasure to present the Orsinisun Fantasy Fair Gacha release called “Sweet Sacrifice!”  This very versatile design can be worn in many different styles of role play. Seen is the gold rare, though there are also eight other crowns, and oufit/accents, to collect. I do hope you enjoy the fantasy fair! The next one in October will be just as fun with more collectibles!  Niccii Nitely, you have done an amazing job organizing this event!!! You are truly appreciated. ❤  Thank you all for stopping by and I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.

Snapshot_004a Snapshot_006a

Skirt/Arm Ban/Necklace/Crown – OrsiniSun – Sweet Sacrafice

Skin – HUSH SKins – June (Caramel)

Hair – Eaters Coma

Mesh Hands – Slink

Mesh Feet – Skifija

Your limo to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival…HERE!

OrsiniSun Sweet Sacrifice Metal Crown

Fantasy Gacha Carnival2

Jarl Olly Whitefalcon – “The Great Giant!”


You met Jarl Olly Whitefalcon before.  His look is so unique, great, and nice, that I had to bring him back twice, though don’t be surprised if you see him thrice. *smiles   Today he is seen in a mixture of !gO!, Snatched, White Death, Wasabi Pills, PFC, Gingerline, Ishtar and Kronos!  As he says, “BYOB” (Bring your own barrel). Thank you Jarl for being with us today and I thank you all for stopping by.  Until next time I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Kilt – !gO!

Vest/jacket – Snatched (trapper)

Bracers – PFC

White Death Armor – Wasabi Pills

Boots – Hunter

Belt- PFC – Gladiator

Barrel- Gingerline

Ishtar – Great axe- sheath an shield

Ishtar pickaxe sheath an weapon

Sword – Kronos