OrsiniSun’s “Sweet Sacrifice” for Gacha Fantasy Carnival!


I have the pleasure to present the Orsinisun Fantasy Fair Gacha release called “Sweet Sacrifice!”  This very versatile design can be worn in many different styles of role play. Seen is the gold rare, though there are also eight other crowns, and oufit/accents, to collect. I do hope you enjoy the fantasy fair! The next one in October will be just as fun with more collectibles!  Niccii Nitely, you have done an amazing job organizing this event!!! You are truly appreciated. ❤  Thank you all for stopping by and I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.

Snapshot_004a Snapshot_006a

Skirt/Arm Ban/Necklace/Crown – OrsiniSun – Sweet Sacrafice

Skin – HUSH SKins – June (Caramel)

Hair – Eaters Coma

Mesh Hands – Slink

Mesh Feet – Skifija

Your limo to the Fantasy Gacha Carnival…HERE!

OrsiniSun Sweet Sacrifice Metal Crown

Fantasy Gacha Carnival2

3 thoughts on “OrsiniSun’s “Sweet Sacrifice” for Gacha Fantasy Carnival!”

  1. Love that skin, but can’t find it anywhere in their store or on their marketplace.
    Older or limited model that’s no longer available?

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