Velvet Whip Excites!! <3

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Velvet Whip excites with its’ array of lovely traditional dancing silks. Available in a variety of colors, the one shown is the Mai summer silks. This gorgeous creation includes, angles, bracelets, upper arms bands, a chest plate made of leaves and pearls, four additional shirt sizes, a navel pendant, and three different skirt styles. Velvet whip has several other new silk releases you will see right here, though if you don’t have time to wait, be sure to head there way today, to see what all they have in store. ( Taxi to the Velvet Whip) . While you are there, be sure to also check out their huge selection for bonds!  Thank you for stopping by, and until next time I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.

<3 On A Lark **All New Releases**


On A Lark has been busy with several new releases!  Such new releases include Bellita, Blayze, and Amadi.  Today we showcase a bit of all three starting with the latest design tailored towards free women just above – Blayze.  This lovely mesh design includes the axe necklace, two styles of shirt with one being a sheer option, the mesh vest, gloves and skirt.  When the top is removed, the look can also be styled as a bond. Accenting the design is hair from Action.


Next up is another new release from On A Lark called, Belita! Exposing the curves in a daring manner, this hip hugging mesh release is all out sexy!  With an undershirt and boots for a bit of discreteness, you can easily pass this look for a free woman.  The hair dangle as shown is also included as well as the gloves.  Offered in several colors, today styling is accented by Skifja Mesh tip toe feet and and Action Hair.


Finally rounding out today’s look is a mesh release from On A Lark called, Amadi.  This very sexy design also plays with bold, beautiful and vivid colors!  Sure to allow you to make an entrance, Amadi includes the mesh skirt, top, arm band, hair dangle, and bracelet!  Liquence hair accents the styling.  This is just a sneak peek at a few of the many delights offered by On A Lark. Be sure to go yourself and have a look at all there is to offer! Until next time, I thank you for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.