Panther Girl – Featuring News from [EZ] Weapons, Skifija, & Muses!

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Today we are exploring the world of the panther girl. Featured in this post is news the stunningly detailed mesh Bacurd Mace from EZ Weaponry, created by Tolouse Rosenberg.  Huge metal spikes dripping in blood and rust cover this dangerous and deadly weapon which sheaths in a thick leather tab and clasp. With 30 and 40% damage, the mace includes specular, and normal material support!  Be sure to head down to EZ Weaponry to get yours today!

Also featured by Skifija, are these very versatile and sexy gladiator boots. They can be worn in a number of role-play scenarios, and include a HUD that allows you to change the shoes to match any color you can imagine.  You may also remove the shoes and wear the flat feet separately as well as change your toe nail colors. Its a two for one deal!

The very artistically crafted Tendril bow and sheath from EZ Weaponry was also used to accent today’s styling.  The set includes a quiver that can be worn on the hip, as well as a fist fighter. Also seen today is the lovely, mesh, Muses Penghel Armor set. This set also can be worn many ways, to match a variety of roleplays.

As always, I thank you all for stopping by, wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.

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Mesh Short Dress – The Muses – Penghel Armor

Mesh Hands – Slink – Casual Hands

Head band – MONS – Hippie Chain Headband w/ feather

Sandals – Skifija – Gladiator Sandals

Bow –  [EZ] Weaponry – Tendril Bow

Face & Body Paint – Chary – Wrath Face and body paint

Mesh Hair – Wasabi Pills – Hawk –

Mesh Eyes – ID – Mirror –

Mesh Mace – [EZ] Weaponry – Bacurd Mace

EZ Bacurd Mace

Hitting ‘Em Hard With EZ & Yasum! – GACHA


Today we roll out several new releases, including another found only at the GACHA Carnival by YASUM – The Mesh Vikings mask.  In addition, at the YASUM Mainstore, you can also find these incredibly sexy mesh baggy pants and mesh boots. They have options for both men and women. Very versatile, the mesh pants and boots even have camouflage options included in the mega hud. In fact, there are tons of custom color options! They are awesome!!

EZ Weaponry has been rolling out new releases back to back to back as well!  Seen today is the beautiful EZ PRAETORIAN SHIELD. The shield comes with three different color variations, is all mesh, and even has dent accents as well as other details to really bring it alive!!

As always, I thank you all for stopping by, wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.



Mesh Baggy Pants – YASUM – Short Baggers (Available for men and women)

Mesh Boots – YASUM – Baggers Boots (Available for men and women)

Face Mask – YASUM – Vikings Treasure (Only at October GACHA Carnival)

Shield – EZ Weaponry – EZ Praetorian Shield

Shirt – Paradisis – Skinny Sweater (with lola options)

Bow – LR – Teromaximus

Hair – Sugarsmack – Elan

Sim – Chained Heat (Mira Viktel Panthars)

Fantasy Gacha Carnival2

EZ Praetorian Shield

Davi Designs & HUSH Skins & The Forge & Lelutka!


My dear friend JC Davi has opened her own clothing store with her namesake – Davi Designs!  Today I show her Halloween release that includes the skirt, & collar. There is a top included with the design as well. Accenting her release is the Daerwen armor from The Forge, one of the HUSH Skins releases, and hair from Lelutka.  The background is Chouchou.  Be sure to have a look at all these great designers have to offer. Until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.



Mesh Skirt & Collar – Davi Designs – Halloween Dream

Mesh Bracers & Pauldron – The Forge – Daerwen

Skin – HUSHSkins – Charlotte (Caramel)

Undershirt – Lalis Shiny Nylon –  Rebecca

Smeared Mascara – Slightly Skewed – Smeared

Hair – Lelutka – Lillian

Poses – Di’s Opera – Various

Sim – Chouchou

Urban Roleplay with Firebird Creations, Tiar & Stitched Gods!


Today we mix and match up a few great events that are in effect now. You are well aware of the Carnival Gacha Fair.  Showcased from that event is the cool head wear and face mask. In addition you see the awesome leather mesh creation by Firebird Designs! This is found only in October at the Feebs Showroom!  Be sure to visit all of our great designers and the events they are sponsoring.  The bike seen is from a bike store called, Rods & Ends!  As always, I think you all for stopping in, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and love!



Leather Mesh Jacket & Pants – Firebird Designs  – Biker Babe  (Only available at Feebs Salesroom October)

Face Mask – Tiar – Unisex Mask (only available at the Oct 1 Gacha Carnival)

Head Piece – Stitched Gods – Alfheim Corwn (only available at the Oct 1 Gacha Carnival)

Motorcycle – Rods & Ends – [R&E] R1MOTO18D

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Halloween

OrsiniSun & OrsiniRed – Fantasy Gacha Carnival & the Candy Fair!

All photos in this post, and clothing designs below, were done by my wonderfully incredible sister, Hatili Ishtari!

OrsiniRed Boho Hoody Shirt Group Gift

This super cute hoodie top is available for absolutely free as a gift!  Head over to OrsiniRed and be sure to see all the great designs available!  Limo HERE!

OrsiniSun Paradise Tutu_ Brooch _ Horns

Next up you will find her wonderful creations available only at the Fantasy Carnival Gacha! There are so many beautiful and amazing limited mesh items there for the duration of the fair for all under 100 linden!  Home of the Fantasy Gacha, the best gacha in Second Life, Hands down!

Limo HERE!

OrsiniRed Candy Fair Pants_ Shirt_ Earss PASTEL OrsiniRed Candy Fair Pants_ Shirt_ Ears Choco Candy Fair Gacha Ears & Outfit OrsiniRed Candy Fair Dress Brownie OrsiniRed Gift

After you leave the Gacha, keep the fun coming when you attend the Candy Fair! Examples of OrsiniRed’s entries are above four. This is also turning out to be a really great event!  Have a look. You can find the limo HERE!