OrsiniSun & OrsiniRed – Fantasy Gacha Carnival & the Candy Fair!

All photos in this post, and clothing designs below, were done by my wonderfully incredible sister, Hatili Ishtari!

OrsiniRed Boho Hoody Shirt Group Gift

This super cute hoodie top is available for absolutely free as a gift!  Head over to OrsiniRed and be sure to see all the great designs available!  Limo HERE!

OrsiniSun Paradise Tutu_ Brooch _ Horns

Next up you will find her wonderful creations available only at the Fantasy Carnival Gacha! There are so many beautiful and amazing limited mesh items there for the duration of the fair for all under 100 linden!  Home of the Fantasy Gacha, the best gacha in Second Life, Hands down!


Limo HERE!

OrsiniRed Candy Fair Pants_ Shirt_ Earss PASTEL OrsiniRed Candy Fair Pants_ Shirt_ Ears Choco Candy Fair Gacha Ears & Outfit OrsiniRed Candy Fair Dress Brownie OrsiniRed Gift

After you leave the Gacha, keep the fun coming when you attend the Candy Fair! Examples of OrsiniRed’s entries are above four. This is also turning out to be a really great event!  Have a look. You can find the limo HERE!

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