Hitting ‘Em Hard With EZ & Yasum! – GACHA


Today we roll out several new releases, including another found only at the GACHA Carnival by YASUM – The Mesh Vikings mask.  In addition, at the YASUM Mainstore, you can also find these incredibly sexy mesh baggy pants and mesh boots. They have options for both men and women. Very versatile, the mesh pants and boots even have camouflage options included in the mega hud. In fact, there are tons of custom color options! They are awesome!!

EZ Weaponry has been rolling out new releases back to back to back as well!  Seen today is the beautiful EZ PRAETORIAN SHIELD. The shield comes with three different color variations, is all mesh, and even has dent accents as well as other details to really bring it alive!!

As always, I thank you all for stopping by, wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.



Mesh Baggy Pants – YASUM – Short Baggers (Available for men and women)

Mesh Boots – YASUM – Baggers Boots (Available for men and women)

Face Mask – YASUM – Vikings Treasure (Only at October GACHA Carnival)

Shield – EZ Weaponry – EZ Praetorian Shield

Shirt – Paradisis – Skinny Sweater (with lola options)

Bow – LR – Teromaximus

Hair – Sugarsmack – Elan

Sim – Chained Heat (Mira Viktel Panthars)

Fantasy Gacha Carnival2

EZ Praetorian Shield

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