Panther Girl – Featuring News from [EZ] Weapons, Skifija, & Muses!

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Today we are exploring the world of the panther girl. Featured in this post is news the stunningly detailed mesh Bacurd Mace from EZ Weaponry, created by Tolouse Rosenberg.  Huge metal spikes dripping in blood and rust cover this dangerous and deadly weapon which sheaths in a thick leather tab and clasp. With 30 and 40% damage, the mace includes specular, and normal material support!  Be sure to head down to EZ Weaponry to get yours today!

Also featured by Skifija, are these very versatile and sexy gladiator boots. They can be worn in a number of role-play scenarios, and include a HUD that allows you to change the shoes to match any color you can imagine.  You may also remove the shoes and wear the flat feet separately as well as change your toe nail colors. Its a two for one deal!

The very artistically crafted Tendril bow and sheath from EZ Weaponry was also used to accent today’s styling.  The set includes a quiver that can be worn on the hip, as well as a fist fighter. Also seen today is the lovely, mesh, Muses Penghel Armor set. This set also can be worn many ways, to match a variety of roleplays.

As always, I thank you all for stopping by, wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.

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Mesh Short Dress – The Muses – Penghel Armor

Mesh Hands – Slink – Casual Hands

Head band – MONS – Hippie Chain Headband w/ feather

Sandals – Skifija – Gladiator Sandals

Bow –  [EZ] Weaponry – Tendril Bow

Face & Body Paint – Chary – Wrath Face and body paint

Mesh Hair – Wasabi Pills – Hawk –

Mesh Eyes – ID – Mirror –

Mesh Mace – [EZ] Weaponry – Bacurd Mace

EZ Bacurd Mace

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