On A Lark’s Sensual Allie Camisk! *NEW*


Our next release is courtesy of, and described by one my most favorite people Discovering Destiny, owner of ‘On A Lark!”

“This week, I am introducing ALLIE – a great camisk made from alligator skin.  ALLIE features a subtle slit up the right side and has hand stitching all the way around.  It’s the perfect wrap for any slave.  In addition, ALLIE includes metal wrist and ankle cuffs with a Celtic pattern worked into the edges.  ALLIE is available in 10 colors, one of which is found only in The Gorean Room starting November 1.”

This sexy piece is a definite must have!  Be sure to also head to the main store to see the other great mesh creations available!  Thank you Discovering, and thank you all for stopping by. Until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.



Camisk – On A Lark – Allie (only at the Gorean Room)

Hair – Ison – Careen

Cig – Electronic Randomness – ER Cigarette Holder

Necklace – Mandala – TEFUTEFU

Gorean Room (Nov 1st) – Link to Visit Here!

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