The Fantasy Collective’s Zibska & Geek & Nerd Fair’s MONS!


There are many wonderful events taking place such as the Fantasy Collective, as well as the Geeks‘n’Nerds Nov. 24th-Dec.8th!  Featured in the Fantasy Collective today, is the wonderful lavender necklace, bracelets and arms bands with a floweresque feel by Zibska.  Zibska has an incredible and unique collection of body braces, necklaces and jewelry.  Be sure to head their way to take advantage of the deals they have to offer.  Also seen today representing the Geeks & Nerds Fair is MONS. MONS is a staple in Second Life and well known for their makeups!  Today I show one of three releases they have provided for the Geeks & Nerds fair, though you should be sure stop by the main store and take advantage of them all.  It’s a great way to reinvent your look without changing skins!



Necklace/Armbands/Head/Wrist Bands – Zibska – Edera (Only Available at the Fantasy Collective)

Eyeliner – MONS – Smokey Eyeliner (Only Available at Geeks & Nerds Fair)

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Larnia

Wings – Deviance – Sidhe ( Only Available at Oct Fantasy Gacha Fair)

Seashell Breasts – Devious Mind ( Only Available at Oct Fantasy Gacha Fair)

MONS _ Makeups - Eyeshadow Baggy

MONS _ Makeups - Eyeliner Smokey

The Fantasy Collective - Banner

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