The Fantasy Collective – Cellar Door & .la petite morte, Plus G&N’s MONS!


There are literally so many amazing designers involved in The Fantasy Collective that I could blog constantly and still not get them all. For you that means many options and opportunities to have access to gorgeous mesh creations that are available for only a limited time!  For a full list, please visit the website.—november-20-2013.html.

Today we continue the parade of designers presenting an incredibly detailed gypsy caravan by .la petite morte. This carvan has a fun, though serious appeal, and is large enough for two to lounge comfortably. You must see this wagon to know how lovely it is!  Offered in different colors, this is a perfect collectable item or Christmas Gift!

Also featured is another one of my favorite designers Cellar Door! They have been featured here since my early times and it seems they are just getting warmed up. This new release is an outfit that includes a mesh shawl, necklace, skirt, shirt, gloves, hairpiece, and these very detailed mesh antlers. You can find the design, ‘Avari’, in several colors, all true to the Cellar Door’s deep nature.

Earlier we mentioned the Geeks & Nerds Fair. We get to see MONS once again featuring smoky bronze eyeliner, only available until December 8th. Be sure to get ready set and GO!



Mesh Caravan – .la petite morte – Gypsy Caravan (Only Available at the Fantasy Collective!)

Mesh Shawl/Necklace/Skirt/Shirt/Gloves/Hair Piece/Mesh Antlers- Cellar Door – Avari (Only Available at the Fantasy Collective!)

Bronze Shadow – MONS – Smokey Bronze Shadow – (Only Available at the Geeks & Nerds Fair)

Mesh Hair – Tableau Vivant – Bijoux

Poses – Manifeste & .la petite morte Gypsy Caravan

MONS _ Makeups - Eyeliner Smokey

The Fantasy Collective - Banner

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