.Enfante Terrible is Beauty


Today we present a designer who has reinvented their already great brand to bring us “.Enfante Terrible”, a delicious mixture of stylish couture which blends in with many roleplay scenarios.  Taking a page from the early 1900’s flapper, showcased are the “.Enfante Terrible” ‘Lotties Eyecather headpiece’ and ‘Vintage Girl’ shoulder pads, which can be worn on the left and/or right shoulder.  Accenting “.Enfante Terrible” is a dress from the Secret Store and hair from Vanity Hair. Be sure to head out to “.Enfante Terrible” to take advantage of their ever growing line of lovely designs!




Mesh head band – .Enfante Terrible – Lotties Eyecatcher

Mesh Shoulder Pads – .Enfante Terrible – Vintage Girl

Mesh Dress – Secret Store – Sequined Flapper Dress

Mesh Hair – Vanity Hair – The Cotton Club

Tights – WWI – Army Girl Garters

Mesh Cigar – Eclectic Randomness

Poses – Manifeste

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