Urban Roleplay at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, The Fantasy Collective, and More!!!


Today we have items from the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival that includes killer boots from Yasum and a fine bracelet from Tea presented by The Fantasy Collective. The Forge is participating in OMGacha offering super cute goggles!  Accenting today’s look is a dress from Villena, hair from E, and the latest collar from The Forge. The list of designers can wrap around Second Life and back so see for yourself. Get ready, February 1st is almost here!!





The Fantasy Collective - Banner

[tea.s] Regal Gem Bracelet AD

Combat Trash Boots GACHA

Boots – Yasum – Combat Trash(Only available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Bracelet – Tea -Regal Gem Bracelet (Only at The Fantasy Collective)

Goggles – The Forge – Apoc2 (Only available at OMGacha)

Collar – The Forge – Studded Collar

Hair – E– Tinsley

Dress – Villena – Skater Skirt Dress

Skin – Illmatic – T3

Sim – After the Fall

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