“A Spell On You” Featuring EZ Weaponry, OrsiniSun, Baiastice, [The Forge] & Boon


Today’s post features lots of swag, including, the all new EZ Weaponry Staff of Damascus, the OrsiniSun Noir Poem hair piece, and The Forge Bracers.  Also included is a sensual dress from Baiastice called Qiobe, and short curly hair from Boon! I thank you all for stepping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and ♥.




Staff – EZ Weaponry – Staff of Damascus Sheath

Hair Piece –  OrsiniSun – Noir Poem

Bracers – [The Forge] – Braces (gacha machine in store)

Mesh Dress – Baiastice – Qiobe

Hair – Boon – ZPO133

Liner – Glam Affair – Couture Lashes

Eyes – ID – Mirror

Poses – Slouch

Sim – The Moulin Rouge

Sensous On A Lark & (RED) Mint!


Once again, we present two very long time favorites, On A Lark and (Red) Mint. On A Lark gives us this very lovely mesh dress called, the Greco Dress. Combined with the (Red) Mint hair #18’14, this look can be worn in Roman, Greek, Middle Age, and even Gor Role play sims, to only mention a few. It can also be worn on a modern sim, to really show timeless style. Please be sure to stop by On A Lark and (RED) Mint, to see all they have in store!



Short Mesh Dress – On A Lark – Greco Dress

Mesh Hair – (Red) Mint – Hair #18’14

Location – Ancient Rome

Primus Weapons! Enfant Terrible! Stitched Gods! & More!!


Long time sponsor, and amazing content creator, Primus Weapons, has released their latest, the mesh ‘Primus Hydra Trident.’ Used as either a pole-arm or a spear, this lovely creation is pure fire!  Always putting out something unique and surprising Enfant Terrible does it again with its latest release – Decor Armor available at We ❤ RP! This sexy shoulder set comes on bronze, gold, white and black.  Also seen today are the Stitched Gods Combat Arm Bans.  The Combat Arm bans come in a variety of colors and designs, and are only found at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is ongoing as we speak!



Pole Arm Sheath – Primus Weapons – Primus Hydra Trident

Shoulder and Neck Decor – Enfant Terrible – Decor Armor (Available at We ❤ RP)

Arm Bans – Stitched Gods – Combat Arm Bans (Only at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Hair – Vanity Hair – Vissionaire

Mermaid Tail – !ID – Arielle – (item no longer available)

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture

.Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor




GLADIATRIX! – .Keystone & [The Forge] @ the Fantasy Gacha Carnival & More!


Todays post was inspired by a gladiator – the Thracian Goddess Xana of the House of Dacicus.  For this very fun post, I got a chance to incorporate many of my favorite designers. Such include, .Keystone, [The Forge], EZ Weaponry, Enfant Terrible, Tableau Vivant, Soedara, and OrsiniSun!  Be sure to get out and support all these amazing content creators. Until next time, I wish you smexy whippings!




Mesh Skirt – .Keystone – Ionnas Belt Skirt (Only at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Mesh Pelt – .Keystone – Simple Black Pelt (New Release!)

Harness –  [The Forge] – Chest Harness

Belt – [The Forge] – Elaine, brown/gold (Only at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Shoes – Enfant Terrible – Ribbon Ballerina Shoes (New Release!)

Sheild – EZ Weaponry – Celtic Shield

Sword – EZ Weaponry – Instigator Sword

Face Cut – Ghurts – Cut Right Cheek Wound

Face Tattoo – R&A Tattoos – Pru

Eyes – Ikon – Sunrise Green

Eyeliner – Mons – Eyeliner Long

Top – OrsiniSun – Eyes of the Forest

Hair – Tableau Vivant – Hill Dreads Series (New Release!)

Body Bruising – Soedara – Body Bruises

Sim – Sandbox Arena



All New Junbug & [Ity.]!


Today we roll out two new releases from two very great designers, Junbug which is participating in the CNY / Lunar New Year Festival, and [ity.], which specializes in delicate pieces with an Asian flair! The design is accented by hair from Boon. Be sure to stop by and visit, to see all they have in store, plus more!



Mesh Gown – Junbug – Quanyin (Only available at CNY / Lunar New Year Festival)

Hair Jewels – [ity.] -Satine Headress & Concubine Crown (All New)

Hair – Boon – RHN435

Sim – FuubutsuDou