Primus Weapons! Enfant Terrible! Stitched Gods! & More!!


Long time sponsor, and amazing content creator, Primus Weapons, has released their latest, the mesh ‘Primus Hydra Trident.’ Used as either a pole-arm or a spear, this lovely creation is pure fire!  Always putting out something unique and surprising Enfant Terrible does it again with its latest release – Decor Armor available at We ❤ RP! This sexy shoulder set comes on bronze, gold, white and black.  Also seen today are the Stitched Gods Combat Arm Bans.  The Combat Arm bans come in a variety of colors and designs, and are only found at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which is ongoing as we speak!



Pole Arm Sheath – Primus Weapons – Primus Hydra Trident

Shoulder and Neck Decor – Enfant Terrible – Decor Armor (Available at We ❤ RP)

Arm Bans – Stitched Gods – Combat Arm Bans (Only at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Hair – Vanity Hair – Vissionaire

Mermaid Tail – !ID – Arielle – (item no longer available)

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture

.Enfant Terrible. Decor Armor




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