Fantasy Gacha Carnival presents Rack Poses “Beast”


Rack Poses weighs in heavy this Fantasy Gacha event, with a cage prop, with sexy bondage poses as well as couple poses! Always right, regardless of which you win at the Fantasy Gacha Fair. May 1st! Be there!  Also seen is the Daddy’s Geisha Princess Kimono by Dirty Princess, as well as the concubine crown, and satine headress by ity. There is so much see at the upcoming Fantasy Gacha! See you there!!





Cage w/ poses & cuffs – Rack Poses – Beast (Only at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Dress – Dirty Princess – Daddy’s Geisha Princess Kimono

Head Jewels – Ity – Concubine crown & Satine Headress

Hair – BooN – RHN435

Location – Muse Creations

ticket 01

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