Let’s Go On A Trip to A Place Far Away……………….


Lets go on a trip to a place far away…well unless you already live in Paris that is.  Fortunately it was a bright and sunny day and the four sim arrangement was very detailed and well done!  Gizza saved the moment as wearing her Princely Black Short Suit, I think I blended right in.  Gizza by the way just released a new collection of mesh for guys as well, in case any one you want to try it out.  My hair was by Clawtooth.  If you have not been by Clawtooth, have a look. She has all kinds of unique and fun hair styles for men and women.


Here you are able to get a full view of the sexy Gizza Design while the Eiffel Tower takes precedence in the background.  The earrings were from Burroughs and short boots from Skifija!

Snapshot _ ~~ Paris Couture ~~ Paris 1900, Paris Couture (65, 1

Short Suit – Gizza

Boots – Skifija

Hair – Clawtooth

Earrings – Burroughs

Stockings – Heather  –

Poses – Torrid

Sim – Paris

OrsiniRed is Red Hot!!


So I put on this new dress by OrsiniRed called Glitter Night. I loved the way it fit.  Slicked back hair, lipstick, and pumps was all that was needed for a hot night out in the city. I searched all over for the perfect place for photos when I realized, I could just take them at our home!  Oi!  So I headed back home and proceeded to take a few snapshots that I hope you enjoy!


Not only did I love the front of this sexy short dress..but the back was lovely!  It looks like someone left the doors open as I was taking my shot on a windy day, however, you can still get a clear visual of the back of this really hot design!


Dress – OrsiniRed

Hills – N-Core

Ring – House of Fox

Hair 1 – Lelutka

Hair 2 – Sixty Nine

Poses – Torrid Wear & Manifeste

Sky Box – DLB

May Soul From Top to Bottom!

Today I had a bit of an adventure. It all started when I stopped by May Soul to do a bit of shopping. Well I could not figure out what I wanted to wear. Eventually I ended up with a little of this outfit and added a few accessories from others there that I found and liked. I honestly think I purchased a quarter of the entire store..lol   On my way to find a place for a photo, I detoured to a strange sim by Bryn Oh.  Bryn is a creative and artistic genius with all types of unique and quirky sims.  I don’t know her personally but while I was exploring her latest,  I was left in awe! If you get a chance have a look.  After traveling through several lands, I finally found one that I liked and there I took a few photos of ~May Soul~!  One included a close up of these really cute boots!


From there a ran about a bit more to explore and took even more photographs.  The sim was called “Sacred Forest Landing“.  Accessories added include the twigs on my back and the ones I am holding, as well as the bracelets!

rani 2

Hat,Short Camisk and boots – May Soul – Penny Camisk

Twigs – May Soul – Zuzane

Left Sleeve – May Soul – Destiny

Hair – Lelutka

Poses – Manifeste

Slave of the Dreams – May Soul


It is fun to put in modern clothing now and again, but being that I am kajira, it is of course not long before I went back to show off some of the latest Gorean wear. This summer kirtle is by May Soul and I loved the tone. May Soul is another designer I will enjoy showing you more from.  Looking about the grid for the best area, I found a really nice place for photographs in the form of *MMGraffiti’s , Tokyo sim.


With such a gorgeous mesh dress, and fun background, just two photos would never do…. so I give present you three! 🙂

ducts, Tokyo Sea (28, 124,

Summer Kirtle – May Soul

Northern boots – Silk Worms

Hair Style – Exile

Bangle 1 & ring- TSH

Bangle 2 – League

Poses – Di’s Opera & Manifeste

Sim – MMGraffiti’s

Rhianna’s Going Country!


So I guess I spent so much time in the city yesterday that today I just decided to take it slow. I ventured further and further until I eventually found myself in the country.   I had a cool relaxing day that entailed hanging out and just kicking it.  Of course with all this fresh water, I got wet…but I have to save the swimsuit shots for another day. xoxoxo

Snapshot _ ROCHE (141, 122, 22) - Moderate

The sim called Roche was so pretty that I couldn’t resist sharing one more shot with you.  ❤

Going Country

Short Cotton Skirt – ~ OrsiniRed ~ –

Cotton Sweater – Maitreya

Cowboy Hat – Harms Way

Boots – PixelDolls

Hair – Wasabi Pills

Bangle 1 – Miam Miam

Bangle 2 – RE Industries

Clover – Nymphe Couture

Poses – Di’s Opera

Flower Basket – Lapointe & BastChild



I am not sure if you saw Rihanna’s performance on SNL, but I really like the way musicians in the background were colored in electric blue.  This contrast became my inspiration for today’s shoot entitled Colors. Once I got all dressed I came across a sim in Tokyo with amazing backdrops of colors that complimented, called Kowloon.  After exploring the landscape and taking a few quick shots, I present you, “Colors.”


Hair – Lelutka

Eyes – Ikon

Belly Chain – .:Gspot:.

Lipstick Stripe – Pink Acid

Ripped T-shirt – Eaters Coma

Pants – Maitreya

Hand Bag – mon Tissu

Blue Bangle – Amour Fashion

Red Bangle – Night Owl Designs

Make up – Corvus

Sim – Kowloon

Poses – Manifeste

The .:Gspot:.


I have found a shop that has quickly become one of my favorites, and its aptly named, “Gspot.”  With mesh so new to the grid, it is very difficult to find any that properly fits the more curvy figure.  This was apparently no issue for the designers at the .:Gspot:. as theirs fit snugly and in all the right places.  Searching around for a place to take a few quick shots, I found a sim called Hattusa City to show off the front and back of this lovely design.

Snapshot _ EGYPT- Akkadian   Theme of Ancient Heroes , Nile (32

Eyes – Insufurable Dasterd

Belly Chain/Pants/Shirt – .:Gspot:.

Hair – Lelutka

Hair Beads – Earthstones

Makeup – Meghindos

Feet – Skifija

Bangles – Luas

Poses – Manifeste

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