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La Kajira


Indulging in my favorite past time of shopping, I came across a silk from *SoliDea FoliEs* that I just had to have.  I combined the silk with jewels from Zaara, Soedara, and hair styling by Boon.  All dressed up, I needed someplace to go!  Looking about, that someplace turned out to be the Tajuks Oasis.  The landscape had a desert theme and exploring, I managed to find an open tent.  While inside the tent, I took a few photographs to share.  I now present “La Kajira” to you.   Thank you for stopping by, and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.





Silk – *SoliDea FoliEs* – Estro

Anklets/Bracelets/Collar/Head Jewel – Zaara – Nizam Collection

Hair – Boon – URU697

Eyes – Insufurable Dastard – Mesh

Upper Arm Bracelet – Soedara – Dimije

Makeup – Curves – Luminous

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Poses – Apple Spice

Sim – Tajuks Oasis

Newness from Firebird Designs!


Feeling fun and edgy today, I had a peek at this new design by Firebird Designs which is called “Lust in Love” It is a very detailed corset with many clothing layers, and a skirt.  Both the mesh corset and skirt come in seven sizes and the corset includes a lola tango applier.  I paired this sexy piece with Ladies Who Lunch Laurella Pants/Platforms, gloves from Celoe, hair from Red Mint, and shoulder pads from Lelutka to create this styling.  While out exploring I came across a land called HuMaNoiD, which I liked a lot, and took a few photographs.  I hope you enjoy them, and l  look forward to seeing you all next time! xo



Corset/Skirt — Firebird Designs – Lust in Love

Hair Styling – Red Mint – Hair # 11

Shoulder Pads/Tassles – Lelutka – Mithra

Pants – Ladies Who Lunch – Laurella Pants/Platforms

Gloves – Celoe – mery gloves

Lashes – Meghindo’s – No. 1

Makeup – Mozz

Poses – Di’s Opera & Apple Spice

Sim –  HuMaNoiD

♦Yeshnessss………. from On A Lark♦


I received a message that On A Lark has released new designs!  You know that I had to have a look and see what is in the package…I mean, how can you not when everything they have makes you look all yummy right?  So, back to what I was saying before I got sidetracked…..I un-wrapped one of their latest called “Cleo”.  This sexy design arrives with a dress in seven sizes, a free woman’s shoulder collar with silver or gold options, bracelets, sheer and solid blouses, belts, gloves, annnnd Ten colors to choose from. Now that is a deal!


Combining latest design “Cleo” with one of OAL’s “mysterious natural veils”, Lelutka Hair, and the “Misali” sim, I took a few relaxing photographs.  There are all kinds of people there that are out and about, so if you get time, have a look!  For now I thank you for tuning in, thank you OAL, and I’ll see you all next time! *hugsss


Dress/Belt/Collar/Bracelets/Blouse/Gloves – On A Lark – “Cleo”

Veil – On A Lark – “Mysterious Natural Veil”

Poses – Apple Spice – Various

Hair Style #1- Lelutka – “Editorial”

Hair Style #2- Lelutka – “Pocahantas”

Sim – “Misali