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Lovely Bare Rose Haute Couture


While out shopping I came across this elaborate and lovely gown from Bare Rose.  I found the perfect hair style at Boon and face veil from On a Lark.  The gown you see come with several color options as well that include black red and wine. I pulled together a combination of these colors to create the final design. There are so many ways this design could be worn and without the undershirt it displays an ample amount of sexy cleavage.   In addition you will find many accessories such as shoes, gloves, socks and even a hat.  I found a great sim for photos called The Isle of Dee and wandered about exploring the landscape. It is very pretty. If you get time, have a look!



Fulll Gown/Gloves/Shoes – Bare Rose Haute Couture – Gainsbourg

Hair – Boon – BDK113

Undershirt – League – Broderie

Face Veil – On a Lark – Mysterious Face Veil

Sim – Isle of Dee




As for the style, this would definitely qualify as free woman Gorean wear.  I remember reading in one of the books about a group who lived in an Asian area of Gor, however, these designs from On A Lark are so lovely and versatile, you could use them for many styles and themes of Gorean as well as non Gorean modern day wear.  The sim in the photos is called AMM Designs and is a very decorative and well done furniture store/sim.  I’ll see you all next post, and thank you Discovering & Mother PewPew for your support. xo



Cloak – On A Lark – Burlap Cloak

Dress – On A Lark – Pashima

Scarf – AW – Seattle Scarf

Hair – Boon –  RHN435

Umbrella & Hair Pins – [ity.] – Parasol Umbrella & Lady of Leaves

Eyelashes – Vita’s Boudoir – Serious Eyelashes

Poses – Manifeste & Magnificent Poses

Sim – AMM Design

New Territory For Me………

3 si

So, today I decided to try to venture into new territory.   I don’t have any Gorean alts and have never been a free woman, so this one was particularly challenging for me.  However, I want to bring you the latest fashion and free women need love too!  I plan to do traditional free women outfits as well, although today I chose a more modern style.


The sim I am at is called Landscapes Unlimited and as you can guess, they sell really nice landscapes.  I found one that fit well and also had mountains, then went to work on photos.  I would have liked to have added a bow, but I don’t own one.  If you do, then you can imagine how it would look with placement and such.  In the end it was fun. *smiles* , so I will definitely bring you more free women fashion!


Gorgeous Skirt/Undershirt – On A Lark

Corset & Sleeves – Cellar Door

Short Knit Sweater – Firebird Designs

Shrug Collar – [knickknack]

Poses – Torrid

Hair – Boon

Makeup – Curves

Sim – Landscapes Unlimited –