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Jeweled Kajira by Velvet Whip


Velvet Whip has had several new releases for both the free and slaves. One such release is displayed in today’s post.  Heading to Velvet Whip, you can find this outfit in emerald, aquamarine, amethyst, and fire! There is also a shirt for those without (lola’s)! Velvet Whip is a fun store. Be sure to go see all they have to offer.  Thank you all for stopping by and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Silks/Anklets/Belly Jewel/Arm Ban/Earrings/Nipple Covers – Velvet Whip – Jeweled

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Hair – Iconic – Rain

Poses – Slouch

OrsiniSun’s Orchid Love


OrsiniSun’s latest release “Orchid love’ comes with under pants, vest, orchid belt, and Orchid necklace.  Tip Toe Feet from skifija and hair from Iconic called rain. The outfit ‘Orchid Love’ comes in bronze, choco, cream, vanilla, marinque, and pale and is sure to become one of your favorites! Perfect for lolas, be sure to get your Orchid love from OrsiniSun today! Until next time, thank you for stopping by.  I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Under pants/Vest/Orchid belt/Orchid necklace – OrsiniSun – Orchid Love

Feet –Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Hair – Iconic – Rain

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Neva River

Roawenwood At Fantasy Faire 2013!


Each year the Fantasy Faire has raised the bar for roleplay fashion and all for an amazing cause! This year they have done the same with ten full sims, filled with special releases, shopping, and entertainment.  I have the opportunity to present a few of those releases from Roawenwood starting with, “Zahrah.”  The lovely mesh design, “Zahrah” embraces the curves naturally and the rich violet color can only be found exclusively at the 2013  Fantasy Faire.  In addition to the jacket and pants it also comes with an undershirt, lola options, anklets, armbands, earrings, a jeweled head band, and waist coils.  I call today’s look, “The Pierced Ear Girl.” Thank you for stopping by.  As always I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Landmark to the Ten Sim Fantasy Faire 2013 in Support of the American Cancer Society – Fantasy Faire 2013

Mesh jacket/Pants/Undershirt/Lola options/Anklets/Armbands/Earrings/Jeweled band/Waist coil – Roawenwood – Zahrah (Violet)

Mesh Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Skin – HUSH Skins – Jilly Skin (Candyapple)

Hair – Iconic – Danae

Poses – Manifeste & Slouch

Sim – The Kasbah of the Guard of the Dunes

Beauty As A Velvet Whip


Velvet Whip – Fantasy and Gorean RP,  has released their latest in a line of Roman inspired designs called Tavern Slave. This very versatile design is not only fitting for Gor, but can be used in Roman, Celtic, and Medieval role-play eras as well as others.   Currently the golden mesh design is shown although you may also find this style in blue and red tulip. Each set comes with slave and ankles bells which include a scripted as well as a non-scripted version.  As well you will also find a scripted amphora that can be worn and blend with your current ao naturally.  I combined this sexy dress with hair styled by Iconic, HUSH skin and Skifija.  I found the perfect place to explore while all dressed in the form of “The Royal Roman Empire”  This is a URA/DCS roleplay sim which is beautifully put together.  The residents were welcoming and allowed me to explore the landscape.  I even got a bit of a fright as I managed to find a stair that led under the arena and had to hop to avoid puddles of blood. It seems they have many gladiator style events.  Finding a quick exit and back above ground, I was once again in the garden and exploring the rich architecture. I do hope you enjoy the photos as well and be sure to visit during your spare time.  As always, I thank you for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Tunic/Ankle Bells/Wrist Bells/Amphora – Velvet Whip Fantasy and Gorean RP – Tavern Slave

Mesh Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Hair – Iconic – Danae

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – The Royal Roman Empire

Reminisce and Take it Slow♦


Today I felt a bit flirty and decided to go with a more flowing style.  I picked up this skirt from Paperbag.  They have all kinds of cute items there.  A while back I wore a beast hood from R E M I N I S C E but today I wore another item of theirs I really liked – the KenzuFur. Keeping it simple I used a bracelet from one of my favorite stores, On A Lark and hair from Iconic. Their wild styles are really natural and fun feeling.  My skin is from the new HUSH skins line called Sugar Rush which is being released for the spring.  All dressed up and needing someplace to go, I found myself at the Babylon Sim. It is an interesting roelplay sim that has a theme which dates back to ancient Babylon.  Here they use a DCS meter.  I took some time to look around and even managed to get in a few shots for you.   Thank you for stopping by, and until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Skirt – Paperbag. – The Goddess Skirt

Shoulder – R E M I N I S C E – The KenzuFur

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Hair – Iconic – Rain

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Lashes

Bracelet – On A Lark – Cleo

Poses – Manifeste & Slouch

Sim – Babylon

Belly Dancer


I came across a store called, “The Old Forge” and really liked the elaborate twists to their style and clothing.  After some time, I finally, decided on an outfit called, ‘Sorceress.’    The harem pants shown are from one of Soedara’s latest releases called, ‘dimije’ and ‘Iconic’ was the hair stylist.  Continuing the tour of desert oasis style sims, I came to a land called ‘Mizar: Chronicles From Kasbah.’  The sim has a very genuine desert feel and is really very pretty.  Even so you get the feeling you may need to be on guard as you turn each corner as there are hints of danger.  As always, I thank you for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.





Wrap/Undershirt/Skirt – The Old Forge – Sorceress

Pants/R. &Upper Arms Bracelets/Belly Chain/Lashes – Soedara – Dimije Harem Girl

Hair – Iconic – Rain

Anklet/Hand Jewels – Zaara – Nizam Collection

Lashes – Vita’s Boudoir – Serious Lashes

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Sim – Mizar: Chronicles From Kasbah

Desert Oasis


Kajira’s are getting another dose of really great designers in this post that includes, [Freya], Luas, Zibska, On A Lark, and Iconic.  Feeling bright and sunny I headed out to find a great place to explore and landed at The Oasis of Nine Wells.  With five full sims, I was barely able to explore even a tenth of the area in the time I was there. They are beautiful lands with plenty to see.  However, even with my running about I managed to settle for a few photographs that I present to you.  Thank you for stopping by, and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.





Skirt – [Freya] – Tikka

Blouse – Luas – Asha

Flowers – Zibska Jewelry – Ayla Zepher

Belt – On A Lark – Shrouded

Hair – Iconic – Danae

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Lashes & Makeup – Glam Affair & Curves

Eyes – Ikon

Sim – Oasis of Nine Wells