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Serene & Sexy – Velvet Whip!


Velvet Whip has two releases that I have the pleasure of presenting you!  The first of these is what is shown today called, Chenille Girl. The color shown today is Burnt Sienna, but you can also mix and match this look with the purple, charcoal, and dirty green options. Fully loaded, this mesh design comes with along skirt, top the sensual belly tattoo shown, the arm band with pouch as well as two belt options one of which includes a horn.  I styled my hair with Magika and immediately made my way out to explore the horizons.  My travels took me to a new land called, Taiga.  The land has a very serene and calm feel which fit my carefree and cool mood.  After a bit of running about and meeting the locals, I settled to get a few shot for you.  Be sure to have a peek at Velvet Whips other offerings and look out for her second release coming shortly to you!  Thank you for stopping in to visit me today, and until next time I wish you, smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.

(A quickie shot out song to my Jarl 🙂   



Mesh Skirt/Top/Armback-Pouch/Belt/Horn – Velvet Whip – Chenille Girl

Hair – Magika – Please

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Lashes

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Taiga

The Bond-ified Kajira


While out on my many journeys exploring lands, I came across the land of Selidor.  It is a cool sim with different themes and landscapes. I went to a small village that caught my attention to look around.  Today’s look was created using a combination of Silk Worms Designs, On A Lark and Magika.  Finally after a long day that included lots of walking, climbing, and running, I found a cozy little corner and curled up for a quickie nap.




Boots/Helmet/Drape/Cuffs – Silk Worms Designs – The Doe

Skirt – Silk Worms Designs – Killer Kirtle

Belt – On A Lark – Body Warmers

Slingshot – Primus – Mikla

Hair – Magika – Intended

Makeup – LS

Poses – Apple Spice Store

Sim – Selidor