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The Sorceress – Cellar Door


‘Cellar Door’ has just released a beautifully detailed mesh design that brings to mind a sorceress, although with various accessories it could just as easily be a free woman gown, for vampires, or fit in many other styles of roleplay.  One of her two latest, called Wren, also comes with a hood, corset, skirt, head jewel, necklace removable mesh sleeves    The back dips in a sexy manner to show off the shoulders and together the design screams, empowerment.  All dressed I found myself at the land of  ‘Athan Selidor – The Fallen Gods’, which covers four full sims.   The landscaping and ships in the background seemed to be a perfect backdrop.  After some exploring, I took a few shots for you that I hope you enjoy. As always, thank you for stopping by. I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Hood/Skirt/Headband/Necklace/Sleeves/Corset – Cellar Door Urban and Roleplay Fashions – Wren

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Athan Selidor

Aquatic Skies


It is time to show the free women some love and today it was done with the help of N.A.M.E Fine Fantasy Tailors, On A Lark, Chop Zuey (my new addiction), and Lelutka!  Once dressed, it was time to explore new and distant lands.  The ship docked, and upon arriving at The Gulf of Lune, I knew this was exactly where I wanted to be.  This land has thirteen connected immaculately landscaped sims that are all great for a quick get away or a long vacation. Whatever your pleasure, be sure to visit.  I was able to get photographs in three and present them along with today’s styling. Thank you for stopping by, and until next time I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and lots of <3.




Dress – On A Lark – Simplicity

Blouse –  On A Lark – Shrouded

Cloak – N.A.M.E – Nordic Forest Furs and Leather

Necklace and Bracelets – Chop Zuey – The Snake Pit Set

Hair – Lelutka – Knotted

Lipstick – HUSH – Juicy Red

Eyeliner – Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Oz / Gray Havens / Dimrill Dale

The Peasant Girl


Today HUSH skins had two new releases, “Robin” and “Quin.”  I have the chance to show you the latest skin release from HUSH skins called, Robin.  The body is absolutely sexy, and the face blends in with your current look very well.  Both come in Vanilla, Sugar, Honey, Cream, Cocoa, and Caramel.  During today’s travels that took me to the land of “Crossing Currents” I wore the yummy Robin, berry caramel skin.   Speaking of yummy, I also added Ladies Who Lunch, KnickKnack, Gizza, De La Soul, Lelutka, and Rochambeau!  I fell hard for these pants from Rochambeau the moment I saw them and I hope you do to!  Thanks for stopping by. Until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, good friends, and lots of <3.





Skin – HUSH Skins – Robin Berry (Caramel)

Pants – Rochambeau – Medieval Pants

Top/Under blouse/Apron – KnickKnack – Elsa

Hat – De La Soul – Asian Hat

Criss-Cross Undershirt – GizzA – Shalwar

Animated Water Yoke – KnickKnack

Animated Stick’n Stack – KnickKnack

Boots – Ladies Who Lunch

Hair – Lelutka – Lana

Lashes – Boudoir – Serious Lashes

Nails – Mandala – Palette

Poses – KnickKnack & Manifeste

Sim – Crossing Currents

Cool.. Breezy.. Day, With On A Lark!


Enjoy a cool and breezy day with On A Lark while wearing their latest design called “Shrouded”.  This gorgeous design comes with features that allow it to be worn by both free women and slaves.  Such include the mesh tube scarf for your head, a mesh skirt and top, a blouse, belt, and modesty shirt. Shrouded comes in 9 colors with the berry color showcased today.  Arriving at Reach Isles, I took advantage of the time to get a few shots of this stunning design for your enjoyment.  Be sure to see it for yourself and hurry as On A Lark is offering an amazing 25l introductory price!  As always, I thank you for stopping by, and wish you all good friends and <3.



Scarf/Mesh Skirt/Top/BlousBbelt/Sleeve options/Modesty shirt – On A Lark – Shrouded

Face Veil – On A Lark – Mysterious Veil

Hair – Boon – JOPE57

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Reach Isles

Lilacs Still Blossom


Today we have news, news, and more news!  “On A Lark” is busy as ever, and has just made two new releases public. The first, “Mixed Quiva Blossoms” I present today, along with OrisniRed’s, sexy new release, “Loving you.”  Skifija’s newest release, are very cute, “Multi-Color Flip Flops” which are worn with Skifija “Flat Feet.”  [Red] Mint fantasy hair completes the look giving it a bit of edge.  As you can see, even in the desert, “On A Lark” lilacs, still bloom. Quiva Blossoms is the leather quiva filled with lilacs.  Though quiva blossoms are more ideal for spring, in any season, this quiva case is a great way to carry these beautiful, and detailed flowers that come in 8 colors.  OrsiniRed’s dress “loving you” is a hot, form fitting, short, slinky design, that comes in six colors.  Thanks for stopping by to see what is new! I wish you all good friends and <3.




Dress – OrsiniRed – Loving You

Quiva – On A Lark – Quiva Blossoms

Shoes – Skifija – Colored Flip Flops

Mesh Feet – Skifija – Flat Feet

Hair – [Red] Mint – No.3

Bracelet – Severed Garden – Agiz bracelet

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – land

Sexy New Releases from On A Lark & [Red] Mint (Lola Friendly Hair!!!!)


I am totally excited to show you hot new releases from On A Lark and [Red] Mint!  The first From On A Lark, “Demi” is exclusively available from “The Outlet” for the next 2 weeks before release at the On A Lark main location.  Demi is a bright and lightly covering design that comes in ten colors and makes you feel absolutely sexy as it embraces the curves of your body.   You will find the top in six sizes with ties in front, and seven skirt sizes.  Accessories include the beaded belt and necklace.  On A Lark “Demi” is a must have for those days you are just feeling colorful, bright and happy!


The fun continues as I introduce the latest release from [Red] Mint, Hair No. 11.  I had been wishing someone would make hair just for Lola’s and before the words could escape me, [Red] Mint did just that!   Long, lovely, and in mesh, the curls also include an oversized collar that adds a bit of luster to any style or design. You will find this release in several colors including multi-color tip options.  Have a look for yourself and Thank you On A lark for this fun outfit and thank you [Red] Mint for making Lola Friendly hair!!  See you all next time!  Until then I wish you all many whippings and lots of ❤level3ranilevel2rani

Hair – [Red] Mint – Hair No. 11

Skirt/Top/Belt/Necklace #1 – On A Lark – Demi

Turban – Lelutka – Badu

Bracelets – Zaara & FFS – Atiriya & Indi

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner

Lipstick – Hush – Juicy Pink

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Poses – Manifeste – Various

Sim – Las Rocas

A Relaxed Day on the Countryside


I am so all in for the boots that Cellar Door put out with their Nyx set!  They are clog boots, have a very comfy appeal, and go well with pretty much everything.  Today I dressed in a bit of Vogue, Cellar Door, [knickknack], and Vigo. Once ready I found a really relaxing sim called Marathon Caye, and even manged to get in a few photos.  Have a wonderful day & extra hugs go out to my Jarl!



Shorts & Belt – Vogue – Alitza

Headscarf – Vogue – Lace

Socks – [knickknack] – knitted socks

Cuffed Shirt & Shawl – ViGo – Elinor

Boots – Cellar Door – Nyx

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Marathon Caye




As for the style, this would definitely qualify as free woman Gorean wear.  I remember reading in one of the books about a group who lived in an Asian area of Gor, however, these designs from On A Lark are so lovely and versatile, you could use them for many styles and themes of Gorean as well as non Gorean modern day wear.  The sim in the photos is called AMM Designs and is a very decorative and well done furniture store/sim.  I’ll see you all next post, and thank you Discovering & Mother PewPew for your support. xo



Cloak – On A Lark – Burlap Cloak

Dress – On A Lark – Pashima

Scarf – AW – Seattle Scarf

Hair – Boon –  RHN435

Umbrella & Hair Pins – [ity.] – Parasol Umbrella & Lady of Leaves

Eyelashes – Vita’s Boudoir – Serious Eyelashes

Poses – Manifeste & Magnificent Poses

Sim – AMM Design

OrsiniRed is Red Hot!!


So I put on this new dress by OrsiniRed called Glitter Night. I loved the way it fit.  Slicked back hair, lipstick, and pumps was all that was needed for a hot night out in the city. I searched all over for the perfect place for photos when I realized, I could just take them at our home!  Oi!  So I headed back home and proceeded to take a few snapshots that I hope you enjoy!


Not only did I love the front of this sexy short dress..but the back was lovely!  It looks like someone left the doors open as I was taking my shot on a windy day, however, you can still get a clear visual of the back of this really hot design!


Dress – OrsiniRed

Hills – N-Core

Ring – House of Fox

Hair 1 – Lelutka

Hair 2 – Sixty Nine

Poses – Torrid Wear & Manifeste

Sky Box – DLB

May Soul From Top to Bottom!

Today I had a bit of an adventure. It all started when I stopped by May Soul to do a bit of shopping. Well I could not figure out what I wanted to wear. Eventually I ended up with a little of this outfit and added a few accessories from others there that I found and liked. I honestly think I purchased a quarter of the entire store..lol   On my way to find a place for a photo, I detoured to a strange sim by Bryn Oh.  Bryn is a creative and artistic genius with all types of unique and quirky sims.  I don’t know her personally but while I was exploring her latest,  I was left in awe! If you get a chance have a look.  After traveling through several lands, I finally found one that I liked and there I took a few photos of ~May Soul~!  One included a close up of these really cute boots!


From there a ran about a bit more to explore and took even more photographs.  The sim was called “Sacred Forest Landing“.  Accessories added include the twigs on my back and the ones I am holding, as well as the bracelets!

rani 2

Hat,Short Camisk and boots – May Soul – Penny Camisk

Twigs – May Soul – Zuzane

Left Sleeve – May Soul – Destiny

Hair – Lelutka

Poses – Manifeste