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The Fair Maiden by On A Lark!


On A Lark took it in a different direction this release week presenting something for the ‘Fair Maiden’. This delightfully cute design is versatile enough to be worn in the north and the south. The dress includes the belt seen and comes in eight colors.  Currently I present you coal!  To accent the look is hair styled by Lelutka, and hair-flower from OrsiniSun.  Be sure to get out to On A Lark and take advantage of this very cute dress at an amazing price!  As always I thank you for stopping by, wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Dress & Belt – On A Lark – Fair Maiden

Hair – Lelutka – Vibrato

Flower – OrsiniSun – Red

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Melita Insula

‘Draped’ in On A Lark!


On A Lark, always putting out the next yummy, has released their next yummy, in the form of the mesh outfit, ‘Draped.’  Draped is designed to have an elegant and sensual feel.  Soft linked, knotted, chains accent and compliment this look that comes in nine beautiful colors.  The ankle and wrist bracelets are included as well.  Be sure to hurry down while ‘draped’ is offered at an almost free special price!  Adding to their work of art is hair from Wasabi Pills and Skifija tip toe feet.  While I was dressing, Belinda tp’d me to see her hair at Wasabi, and I found a style I liked as well…so great timing there!  All dressed I came to a desert Gorean sim called, The Tajuks Oasis.  Lovely landscaping and great people! Be sure to visit and while you are at it, definitely pick up this fresh, hot release from On A Lark!  I thank you all for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Mesh Top/Skirt/Anklets/Bracelets – On A Lark – Draped

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Giselle

Mesh Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Tajuks Oasis

‘Glorioso’ Love From On A Lark!


On A Lark is adding to their extensive line of lovely creations with their latest release, appropriately entitled, “Glorioso”  This very pretty mesh design can be easily styled in a number of ways and mix in with numerous roleplay scenarios and comes with seven different color themes.   I flipped when I took it from the box, deciding to pair it with Boon hair, and a Chop Zuey choker.  Dressed and feeling like some fun, I made my way to the China sim.  It was a really neat place to explore as everything was seemingly made of chalk.  After running about and meeting the natives, I settled for a few photographs.  Thank you for coming by to visit, and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.




Mesh Dress – On A Lark – Glorioso

Hair – Boon – KGI848

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Lashes

Choker – Chop Zuey – Samhain

Poses/Rose Prop – Adorkable Poses

Sim – China

Reminisce and Take it Slow♦


Today I felt a bit flirty and decided to go with a more flowing style.  I picked up this skirt from Paperbag.  They have all kinds of cute items there.  A while back I wore a beast hood from R E M I N I S C E but today I wore another item of theirs I really liked – the KenzuFur. Keeping it simple I used a bracelet from one of my favorite stores, On A Lark and hair from Iconic. Their wild styles are really natural and fun feeling.  My skin is from the new HUSH skins line called Sugar Rush which is being released for the spring.  All dressed up and needing someplace to go, I found myself at the Babylon Sim. It is an interesting roelplay sim that has a theme which dates back to ancient Babylon.  Here they use a DCS meter.  I took some time to look around and even managed to get in a few shots for you.   Thank you for stopping by, and until next time, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends and <3.



Skirt – Paperbag. – The Goddess Skirt

Shoulder – R E M I N I S C E – The KenzuFur

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Hair – Iconic – Rain

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Lashes

Bracelet – On A Lark – Cleo

Poses – Manifeste & Slouch

Sim – Babylon

Come. Dance With Me On A Lark!


You know On A Lark is always bringing you hot, fresh and exciting new styles and designs!  If you like what you see, be sure to get down there and fast. With all the new items coming out each week, what you see may not be available for long.  New releases are marked down to an unbelievable and generous 25 linden, before going to their normal price(okay, so 25l is basically free!).  Be sure to check them out and often.  Don’t miss out!  This week they enchant us with the sophisticated design with the feel of simplicity, that features an angular draped skirt with detailed trimming and a short mirroring top called “Batik”  It moves well, fits great, and looks very casually sexy.  I paired this new design with Analog hair, Skifija, and a few pieces from Primus Weapons. All dressed and ready to explore, I found myself at a land called Pakeeza India. I am the curious type, so I clicked a teleport and ended up in a public, but private beach in the sky, were I relaxed out and took a few photos to share.  Thank you for stopping by, and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Skirt/Top/Bracelets – On A Lark – Batika

Feet – Skifija – Tip Toe Feet

Hair – Analog dog – Topaz

Hair Pin – Primus Weapons – Trista Comb

Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Blowgun/Arm Sheath – Primus Weapons – Androdameia

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner

Poses – Slouch

Sim – Pakeeza, India

Get “Suspended” with On A Lark!


The second new release from On A Lark this week is long and Huge!!  Appropriately titled, “Suspended” this new wooden device with 1 solo and 6 intimate animations looks as though it can be either an reward or a punishment.  I had a closer look to try to decide which, and was very impressed!  I could see this attention getting hardware as a centerpiece for any dungeon, or outdoor use.  Also, the chains use open collar scripted ankle and wrist cuffs.  What a great new release!  This beautifully crafted wood and iron device, “Suspension” can be found at your nearest, On A Lark.



Wooden Device – On A Lark – Suspension

Sim – DLB

Kajira In ‘Bloom’ – On A Lark


On A Lark has a knack for bursts of beauty in their creations and this outfits shows this off as well.  The camisk is low cut with a sexy dip upward in the front which gives it uniqueness.  As well the bursts of color giving off the reflection of spring are found in the headpiece as well as the flowers on the belt. The mesh design tugs and pulls to the corner of the hips, accenting curves and teasing in an innocent manner.  With HUSH Skins Spring release skin confetti, and Primus weapons survival pack and flower basket, it was now time to explore.   The road took me to a land called the  ‘Mittandraland Mermaid Haven.’  As you can imagine, there was an entire under water world to explore, fit for mermaids. After a lot of running around, I finally settled and got in a few photographs for you.  Thank you for stopping in to visit and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Camisk/Belt/Flowery Head Ban – On A Lark – Bloom

Hair – Lelutka – Jolie

Survival Pack/Basket – Primus Weapons

Skin – HUSH Skins – Confetti

Poses – Slouch

Sim – Mittandraland Mermaid Haven

‘Ruff’ For the Spring


The great news for today is that On A Lark has released her next two designs!  Even better is that for a temporary time they have been reduced to just 25 lindens…insane I know!  So hurry before it goes back to the normal price.  The first of her newest creations is called ‘Ruff’, although they could have also called it sexy.  The texture is very rich and detailed and it comes with a flower crown and belt, boots, skirt, top, and with a belt that has spring flower accents on the side.  Paired with my [Red]Mint Hair, HUSH skins spring release and my Priumus weapon, it was time to start exploring.  The next land for you to have a look at is called Runestone. It has a forest/fairy feel to it and as it is quiet, it’s perfect for a quiet date night.  As always, I thank you for stopping by, and wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.



Skirt/Top/Flower Crown/Boots/Belt – On A Lark – Ruff

Hair/Pearls – [Red]Mint – No 10

Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Makeup – HUSH Skins – Confetti

Shovel/backpack of Plants – Primus Weapons – Slave Shovel

Poses – Di’s Opera & Slouch

Sime – Runestone

Taste Just Like Candy


HUSH skins has just released their new spring collection, Sugar Rush, and it is YUMMY!  Each has deliciously colored lips with nipples to match.  In addition their new skin includes lola and lush appliers. If that was not enough, there is even a special bonus package with hands and feet blenders.  They made it really easy.   I am currently wearing caramel skin with the confetti makeup option, but other colors include, cottoncandy, candyapple, and lolipop!  I suppose I am being a tease for only showing you confetti, but I am okay with being a tease.  It is sort of my specialty.  Emphasizing my tight nipples are On a Lark’s outfit, and Vita’s Boudoir flower hair.  All dressed up for a fun day, I found myself in a medieval town in Scotland.  Even with all my running about, I managed to get in a few photos for you.  I hope you enjoy. Thank you for stopping by and as always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.





Skin – HUSH Skins – Sugar Rush

Face and nipple Makeup – Hush Skins – Confetti

Skirt/Arm Bands/ Corset/ Leg Warmers/Scarf – On A Lark – Snug

Hair – Vita’s Boudoir – Flower Hair

Lashes – Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner

Poses – Manifeste

Sim – Dumfriesshire–Johnstone Clan Lands

The Cold Walk Home


It’s getting later into the evening, outside it is freezing cold, and snow still peppers the ground.  The trip home cannot be avoided. They say that it’s only as cold as you are dressed, so the evening becomes a quite a bit warmer as Vogue, On A Lark, Saikin, Velvet Whip, Miamai, and Primus cover from head to toe and accompany.  The winterland to cross is a small but very distinct land called Whispering Wind,  home to the Tatty Soup mainstore.  Having gathered all of  the supplies that are needed, the journey back to camp now begins.  Thanks to all for stopping in!  As always, I wish you smexy whippings, great friends, and <3.




Skirt – Vogue – Venum Long Mesh Skirt

Sweater/Cuffs/Rope belt – On A Lark – Pashmina

Rake/Sickle/Horn – Velvet Whip – Northman’s Girl

Walking Stick/BlackPack Combo – Primus Weapons – Walking Stick

Hat/Scarf – Saikin – Rabbit Fur

Gloves – Miamai – ChodCollection

Makeup – Corvus & Blackliquid

Land – Whispering Wind